Expert Testimony

One area of specialty at Sentience Psychological Services is Forensics. Specifically, we offer forensic psychological evaluations, which are used to answer a variety of questions posed by the court. The forensic assessments we offer include, but are not limited to: Competency Evaluations, Insanity Evaluations, Sentencing (Mitigation/Aggravation) Evaluations, and Personal Injury Psychological Evaluations.

After the forensic evaluation is completed, our expert testimony is sometimes requested. When we provide expert testimony, our job is never to take sides. Rather, we serve as neutral witnesses, no matter who hired us for our expertise. We never advocate for or against the person we have evaluated. Rather, we advocate only for our opinion, which is based on our psychological expertise. Our only goal is to educate the decision-makers in the courtroom, offering clarity about psychologically based forensic questions. We provide precise and psychologically grounded knowledge to the trier of fact. We always strive to provide information in a manner that is easily understood and relatable, which ultimately makes the trier of fact’s job easier.

The services of Dr. Janeen DeMarte are respected among professionals in the field. She has been recognized by those in the fields of psychology and criminal justice as well as laypeople for her ability to provide clear, unbiased testimony in a wide range of cases. Dr. DeMarte has extensive experience working on trials of all types, and she proceeds with the same dedication and neutrality whether she’s providing her expertise on a brief local case or a high profile, nationally televised trial.

To inquire about Dr. DeMarte’s availability for forensic evaluations and testimony or the availability and expertise of our other licensed psychologists in the Phoenix area and beyond, call us at 602-730-4450 or fill out our contact form today.

Dr. Janeen DeMarte on the witness stand providing expert testimony.
Dr. Janeen DeMarte providing expert testimony in court.

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