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The mental health field is expanding and growing daily. New treatments emerge, innovative ways of connecting with others come about, and researchers are prolific in their work. There is so much to learn in such little time! Learning is an ongoing process. Once you feel like you are at the stage where you know everything in this field, you should know that your growth has been stunted and you are not being the best mental health provider than you can be. You should always feel that hunger for learning. We do! That’s why we provide consultation and supervision services for a range of needs.

The licensed mental health professionals at Sentience Psychological Services provide consultation for professionals in the psychological, legal, education, and medical community. We offer supervision for master’s students, doctoral students, and post-graduates pursuing licensure. Sentience Psychological Services also offers the opportunity for attorneys to consult with one of our highly trained psychologists about psychological matters that are pertinent to the court. In doing this, our goal is to guide attorneys in having a basic understanding of psychological terminology, testing, and the most up to date literature to help them determine whether pursuing a psychological evaluation for their client would assist their case.

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