You’re tired of the past ruling the present.

A man sits on a couch with his head in his hands looking upset. He is looking forward to starting trauma therapy in Phoenix, AZ with Sentience Psych. Sentience Psych is able to provide counseling services in Phoenix, AZ.

Something happened that left you feeling scared, sad, confused, and overwhelmed. You’ve tried so many different things to forget what happened. Some things might have worked temporarily, but it never lasted long. It doesn’t seem like it should be this difficult to move on, right? You often tell yourself that other people have bad experiences, too. But, they seem to be okay. Sometimes you wonder what makes your situation different. Other times, you try to convince yourself that it wasn’t that bad and you’re overreacting. Or, maybe you often feel like it was your fault. Somehow, you feel like you did something to deserve it. What you have experienced is a trauma. You don’t have to live with the emotional aftermath of being exposed to a traumatic event.

How Can Trauma Therapy Help?

There are different types of traumas. When our therapists provide trauma therapy to their clients, they conduct an intake to determine if you have experienced a big ‘T’ trauma and little ‘t’ trauma. Big ‘T’ traumas are events that we experience that are life-threatening. These are usually the events that pop into our heads when we think about trauma. Little ‘t’ trauma events are situations that aren’t life-threatening, but still negatively impactful. This can be the loss of a loved one, bullying, or a bad relationship to name a few. Both types of traumas can be a result of a single event or a series of exposures. Our trauma therapists will assess the big and little ‘t’ traumas that have happened and determine the best treatment for you

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Common Symptoms of Trauma

As experienced trauma therapists, we know that trauma can have different impacts on everyone. This is because we all have unique experiences and respond differently to situations. With this in mind, here are some common trauma symptoms our trauma therapists have seen in their clients:

Frequent unwanted thoughts about the trauma
Avoiding situations, places, or people that remind them of their trauma
Suicidal thoughts
Extreme awareness of your surroundings
Difficulty concentrating

Of course, these are only a few of the trauma symptoms that someone can experience. To learn about other trauma symptoms, check out this article.

Trauma Therapy Can Help

Puzzle pieces outline the silhouette of a woman. This reflects concepts discussed in trauma therapy in Phoenix, AZ with Sentience Psych. You can get help for trauma therapy or ptsd treatment in Phoenix, AZ and anywhere in the state with online therapy in Arizona.

As therapists who work with people who have been traumatized, we know that living with trauma is exhausting. We understand that you often feel like you have to be on guard or constantly aware of everything going on. Luckily, we can help you through our work together in trauma therapy. We will work together to clean up the mess that trauma has left behind. Additionally, we’ll evaluate your previous experiences and see if we can add a new perspective you might not have considered before.

Sentience Psychological Therapists Can Help

Our team of therapists are highly skilled and educated in providing trauma therapy. The first step is to understand if your trauma exposure has caused you to develop a psychological disorder. The most common psychological disorder that results from trauma exposure is called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Our trauma therapists are trained in identifying signs of trauma in the clients they work with, so as to determine if PTSD is a suitable diagnosis. Our therapists are qualified to provide PTSD treatment, among other disorders that trauma exposure can cause. An important aspect of our trauma therapists’ treatment plan is working with each person in a unique way that will help them navigate their traumatic experiences. Whether it’s PTSD treatment or general trauma therapy, our trauma therapists are here to take the journey with you towards recovery.

Prolonged Exposure Therapy with Sentience Psychological Services

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There are many different treatments for people who have been exposed to trauma and diagnosed with PTSD. Sentience Psychological Services primarily utilizes a treatment called prolonged exposure therapy to alleviate symptoms in people with PTSD. This treatment gives you the opportunity to emotionally digest the trauma in a controlled and safe environment. It provides you with an avenue to adjust your perspective of the trauma in a healthy manner. It also provides you with an avenue to systematically face people, places, and things that you have avoided as a result of the traumatic event. By doing this, your fear, terror, and anxiety will decrease. This treatment can be used as the catalyst to re-introducing yourself to the person that you were before the traumatic event occurred.

Beginning Trauma Therapy in Phoenix, AZ

You don’t have to deal with trauma on your own anymore. Our trauma therapists are here to help. Our team of therapists are trained in providing trauma therapy and PTSD treatment. They can help you manage the impact of trauma and navigate new experiences. To begin your journey in trauma therapy, follow these steps:

Send us an email and let us know what’s going on.
Get to know our team of therapists.
Manage your big or little ‘t’ trauma.

Other Counseling Services Offered in Phoenix, AZ

We offer many services in our Phoenix-based counseling clinic. We can also help you wherever you are in the state with online therapy in Arizona. In addition to trauma therapy, we offer anxiety therapy, depression treatment, counseling for bipolar, and therapy for grief and loss. Finally, we offer psychological evaluations, including personality assessment, intelligence testing, forensic evaluation, and diagnostic evaluations.