Online Therapy

A girl smiles while using a laptop. She is feeling happy since starting online therapy in Arizona with Sentience Psych. Trauma therapy, PTSD treatment and depression counseling are available in Phoenix, AZ and throughout Arizona with online counseling.

You’ve decided that you want to start counseling. Unfortunately, coming to that potentially difficult realization was the easy part. Now, it seems like there are so many obstacles in your way. Maybe you’re not comfortable spending a lot of time in public places with everything going on. Perhaps you live near Alpine and don’t have as many options for therapists as you would like. Or, you live near Phoenix. Sure you have many options, but the thought of dealing with traffic makes you second guess starting counseling. In addition, you may not be ready to have other people know that you’ve started counseling. The possibility of judgmental looks from strangers makes you feel uncomfortable. If any of these situations sound familiar, you could benefit from online therapy.

Online Therapy in Arizona Could Be the Solution

You want to receive quality counseling services, but you don’t want to compromise. Additionally, you want therapy to fit into your schedule. Our online therapists get it. Online therapy with Sentience Psych is the solution you’ve been looking for. Our online therapists are highly experienced. In addition, they specialize in providing trauma therapy, depression counseling, and anxiety therapy. Through secure video chat, our clinicians can offer you quality counseling services without having to leave your house!

Benefits of Online Therapy

A girl sits on her bed with a laptop, tablet, and book. She is about to start online therapy in Arizona with Sentience Psych. Trauma therapy, PTSD treatment and depression counseling are available in Phoenix, AZ and throughout Arizona with online counseling.

Online therapy is more convenient. You’ll notice that you’ll have significantly less canceled appointments. Don’t have a babysitter? Can’t find a ride? No problem!

Online therapy is more time-efficient. Since travel time isn’t part of the equation, you’ll notice that you can fit a therapy session into your schedule more effectively.

Online therapy offers you more privacy. If you’re not ready for other people to know that you’ve started therapy, this could be the perfect option for you. And, no one will see you walking into a counseling clinic.

Online Trauma Therapy

There are some situations that are tough to move on from. At times, it feels like your events are in vain. You find yourself considering things that you know other people don’t have to consider in their everyday life. Life after trauma can be exhausting. Our trauma therapists get it. And, they are here to help through online therapy. Trauma therapy with an online therapist can help you navigate tough situations and make sense of the past.

Online Therapy for Depression

A woman uses her laptop for online therapy. She is happy she started online therapy in Arizona with Sentience Psych.

Living with the symptoms of depression is more than ‘occasional sadness.’ Depression can disrupt your daily life. It can be difficult to find the motivation to do anything. Experiencing depression can lower your quality of life and overall happiness. Our depression counselors are all too familiar with the challenges that accompany depression. Through online therapy, our depression counselors can offer you an effective treatment to manage your depression symptoms.

Online Therapy for Anxiety

If it was just ‘nervousness’, life would be much easier. Unfortunately, it’s more than that. The tendency to overthink small situations and be lead down a rabbit hole happens all too often. Jumping to conclusions regardless of the information present sometimes feels unavoidable. In addition to anxiety-driven thoughts, there are physical symptoms, too. Headaches, upset stomach, difficulty relaxing, along with other somatic concerns. Our anxiety therapists are here to help. Our therapists can offer you quality anxiety treatment through online therapy to alleviate your anxiety symptoms.

Is Online Therapy Effective?

A person is using a laptop while talking to her online therapist. She is pleased with her experience with online therapy in Arizona with Sentience Psych. Trauma therapy, depression counseling, anxiety treatment and more can happen with online therapy in Phoenix, AZ and beyond.

Research suggests that online therapy is just as, if not more, effective than in-person therapy. Online therapy offers many unique benefits that in-person therapy lacks. Of course, there are aspects to take into consideration when deciding if online therapy is right for you. When making the decision to start online therapy, feel free to reach out to us and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Beginning Online Therapy in Arizona

Online therapy can help you navigate the issues life has been throwing at you. Our team of online therapists has experience working with clients through this platform and have seen great results with their clients. To begin your journey with online therapy in Arizona, follow these steps:

Send us an email to let us know what’s going on.

Get to know our team of online therapists.

Start your journey towards healing.

Other Counseling Services Offered In Arizona

At Sentience Psychological Services, we offer many services either online or in our Phoenix-based counseling clinic. Some of our services for individuals include trauma therapy, anxiety therapy, and depression counseling. We also offer evaluation services, including personality assessment, intelligence testing, forensic evaluation, diagnostic evaluation, and neuropsychological testing in the Phoenix, AZ area.