You’re tired of living with the constant dread.

A woman cries while sitting on the floor. She has decided to start depression counseling in Phoenix, AZ with Sentience Psych with Janeen DeMarte and Evelyn Burrell online therapist in Arizona.

It’s hard to remember the last time you felt genuinely happy or excited about something that was happening in your life. Even the excitement you used to feel over small things has vanished. Your motivation has vanished with it, too. Most days, getting out of bed in the morning seems like the most difficult task on the planet. In addition to having less energy, you haven’t felt like you can control your emotions. Often times, it feels like your emotions are all over the place. You find yourself switching between irritation, sadness, anger, or distress. You know it’s more than occasional sadness. The way you feel is deep and intricate, and you wonder if other people can understand.

You don’t have to deal with these feelings by yourself.

Depression Counseling May Be The Next Step

If those feelings sound familiar, we have a possible solution for you. People often search for “depression counseling,” and a “depression counselor.” You could benefit from starting depression counseling. Dealing with symptoms of depression is exhausting. It can feel like it takes an excessive amount of energy to get through your daily life. Through our work together in depression counseling, our depression counselors can help you rediscover what brings you joy in life. In addition, our depression counselors can help you get to the root causes of your depression. This way, we can work to alleviate the problem from the source. What’s more, our depression counselors will work with you to build skills and tools to navigate your depression in an adaptive way. This way, you can still manage the responsibilities you have.

Symptoms of Depression

Each person experiences symptoms of depression differently. In addition depression can present differently in each one of us. With this in mind, our depression counselors have seen some common themes of depression symptoms. Through our experience, here are some common symptoms of depression folks can experience:

Inability to feel joy or positive emotions
Either sleeping too much or not sleep enough
Change in appetite
Negative or unhelpful thoughts about oneself
Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities
Mood swings

These are only a few of the many symptoms of depression one can feel. Through therapy, we can explore the various, unique ways that depression may be affecting your life.

Our Depression Counselors Can Help

A woman sits with her depression counselor. She is feeling happier since starting depression counseling in Phoenix, AZ with Sentience Psych.

Living with depression is tough, and our depression counselors understand. Through depression counseling, they have helped many people dealing with the same issues that you are dealing with right now. Our depression counselors are trained in a variety of treatment modalities and offer only the highest quality interventions. Our depression counselors commonly incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) when working with their clients. CBT helps us see the relationships between our thoughts and actions to pinpoint where the unhelpful thoughts are coming from.

The Sentience Psychological Services Approach To Depression Counseling

When offering depression counseling, our depression counselors will take the time to get to know you and understand your background. Through our experience, we have found that this process helps our clients determine the factors that contribute to their depression symptoms. We look at previous experiences, relationships, and other contributing factors that can help us provide the best intervention for your situation.

In addition, we’ll create goals to work towards in our sessions together. This gives us direction for our work together. In addition, it helps uphold the accountability of everyone involved in the process. When creating these goals, we consider what’s important to you. By determining these values, we can incorporate actions to take to reach your therapeutic goals.

Begin Depression Counseling in Phoenix, AZ

You know how difficult living with depression is. Luckily, our Phoenix-based depression counselors can through. Through a collaborative relationship in depression counseling. We can help you reach the point that you no longer feel controlled by your depression. When you’re ready to begin your journey with depression counseling, follow these steps:

A man smiles while standing in a kitchen. He is feeling happy after starting depression counseling in Phoenix, AZ with Sentience Psych.

Send us an email and let us know what’s going on.
Get to know our team of therapists.
Do more in your life besides manage your depression symptoms.

Other Counseling Services Offered at Sentience Psychological Services

We offer many services in our Phoenix-based counseling clinic. We can also see clients anywhere in the state with online therapy in Arizona. In addition to depression services, we can help with anxiety and bipolar for individuals and families. We offer evaluations, including personality assessment, intelligence testing, forensic evaluation, diagnostic evaluation, and neuropsychological testing. In addition, we offer trauma therapy and counseling for grief and loss. We look forward to talking with you soon.