Psychological Services

pic 5Sentience Psychological Services offers comprehensive psychological therapy and
evaluation for clients throughout their lifespan. Consultation, teaching,
lecture, and expert testimony are additional services that are available. The fees
vary, depending on the service provided. Some providers take insurance, including Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, and Medicare. We also offer some services on a sliding fee schedule.


Mental and emotional well-being are fundamental components of your health. Just as seeking professional attention for medical concerns supports physical health, exploring therapy to address mental or emotional challenges is a proactive means of nurturing a healthy mind. Sentience Psychological Services offers psychological counseling to individuals and families, utilizing a variety of approaches and methodologies. We are able to treat a broad variety of disorders, including Depressive DisordersAnxiety Disorders, and Bipolar Disorder. We are also able to provide treatment associated with stressful life experiences, such as exposure to trauma and coping with grief.  We offer both in-person and online therapy in Phoenix, AZ.


A psychological evaluation can diagnose a number of emotional, behavioral, or developmental impairments as well as indicate cognitive strengths. A thorough evaluation includes a clinical interview where detailed behavioral and psychiatric histories are collected. In addition to the interview, psychological testing may be administered. These factors are assessed to identify the root of any present challenges and determine the best means of moving forward in treatment. Examples of psychological evaluations include:

Personality Assessment is designed to uncover fundamental elements of an individual’s character and personality.

Intelligence Testing is conducted by using intelligence tests to identify cognitive strengths, weaknesses, and developmental delay.

Forensic Evaluations are used to answer a variety of questions posed by the court. Forensic assessments that are offered include (but are not limited to): Competency Evaluations, Insanity Evaluations, Sentencing (Mitigation/Aggravation) Evaluations, Personal Injury Psychological Evaluations, and Disability Evaluations.

Diagnostic Evaluations are commonly conducted with individuals who lack diagnostic clarity. Clinical interviewing and psychological tests are utilized to create a clear diagnostic psychological profile.

Neuropsychological Testing can be used to measure a variety of cognitive functions. It can help identify both strengths and weaknesses in a variety of domains, such as memory, concentration, executive functioning, and language.


Dr. DeMarte is available for lectures in both educational and professional forums across the state of Arizona. Attorneys, universities, and mental health professionals have retained her services as a lecturer on topics such as antisocial personality disorder, parenting skills, bipolar disorder, and many other topics in the mental health spectrum. Her enriching lectures aim to sharpen the skills of those looking to supplement their understanding of mental and behavioral health.

Expert Testimony

Following forensic evaluations, expert testimony is sometimes required. We offer precise and psychologically grounded knowledge to the trier of fact. In doing this, our goal is to educate the decision-makers in the courtroom in an attempt to offer clarity about psychologically-based forensic questions.

Consultation & Supervision

The psychologists at Sentience Psychological Services, PLLC provide consultation for professionals in the psychological, legal, education, and medical community.
We offer supervision for master’s students, doctoral students, and post-graduates pursuing licensure. Sentience Psychological Services, PLLC also offers the opportunity for attorneys to consult with one of our highly trained psychologists about psychological matters that are pertinent to the court. In doing this, our goal is to guide attorneys in having a basic understanding of psychological terminology, testing, and the most up to date literature to help them determine whether pursuing a psychological evaluation for their client would assist their case.